Facebook Adds Voice Messaging To Messenger App

The biggest social networking site Facebook has just updated again their stand alone Messenger App with another feature called Voice Messaging.

How to use the voice messaging feature?

With this new way of communication on Facebook, a user can tap the "+" button right to the left of the text input box and choose "Record voice", press and hold the record icon and it will start recording. As
soon as the record button is released the voice message will right away be sent to the recipient. Simple as that.

I was just hoping there was an option to confirm or cancel a message before sending. But of course there is a way to cancel a voice message in case a user decided to just cancel it. Simply slide off your finger of the record button and that's it.

This Facebook Messenger app update is available on both Android and iOS devices. We know that this kind of voice messaging service online is not new to us, some providers have been offering this for quite some time now. But Facebook is where most people of today go to whenever they are connected online to catch up with their friends and relatives, share status updates, photos, videos and other.

I think this is another great service being introduced to Facebook users as there are people who prefer not to text a message, simple or long ones. And some situations are just not allowing us to type a message comfortably such as walking and driving.

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