Imangi Studios' Temple Run 2 Out Now

It was a pleasant surprise to all Temple Run fans including myself. No warnings nor rumors that Imangi Studios was cooking up the Temple Run sequel ahead of its release date. And if there was, it did not get to
my attention until last night that Temple Run 2 was about to be launched to the rest of world after it was spotted by Touch Arcade website in a New Zealand App Store.

The sequel to the most popular endless runner Temple Run keeps the basics of the game. Those are to first keep on running for your life, run away from evil monkeys, while you run collect coins, avoid obstacles and do powerups. Of course a new version of a hit game means additional candies in the store for us. According to Touch Arcade the Temple Run 2 offers a more fluid swipes and tilts experience and an enhanced graphics, there are also zipline and mine carts ride sequences while we run away.

Unlike Temple Run: Brave which is a movie tie-in with Disney Pixar's Brave, the Temple Run 2 is completely new running environment on our mobile phones, based on the video below it shows a what seems to be a massive hanging temple. Then instead of multiple evil monkeys running after the player, it is being replaced by a bigger one chasing the character used by a user. 

The first Temple Run was released in August of 2011 and it was only available for iOS devices until it was ported to Android OS in March 2012.

Then there was the spin-off one released in June 2012, the Temple Run: Brave featuring movie Brave's main character Merida. Since then the runaway from monkeys game became extremely popular since the Angry
Birds. Reports say that Temple Run has been downloaded for more than 170 million times.

Temple Run 2 is still a free-to-play game app. Thanks to Imangi Studios. But there is a no so good news, for now. This new Temple Run is currently available for iOS devices only such as iPhone and iPad. No word yet as to when the Android users will get their hands on the new hit game.

Imangi Studios confirmed that Temple Run 2 for Android devices is coming out on January 24. So that's a great news now since it is one month earlier than the previous release of the first Temple Run. So for Android users out there, just hang on a little longer and we will get that hottest games running endlessly on  our Google-powered smartphones and tablets. 

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