Twitter Launches Video App Called Vine

The microblogging/social networking site Twitter just unveiled (through a blog post on their site) the new video-based service app called Vine.

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As we all know, Twitter is famous on its 140-character limit messaging service. Today they are introducing users a new way to tweet or add spice to their tweets. Vine lets us capture up to 6-second long video
clip and share it to the world and can seamlessly embed on tweets.  "Like tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine (6 seconds or less) inspires creativity." said Michael Sippey, Twitter's vice president of products.

Vine works separately from Twitter or is a stand alone app which means you don't necessarily have to have a Twitter account to register. Users can sign up using a valid email address but Twitter said if you use your existing Twitter log-ins, the registration process will be much faster and easier. And by the way, a shared Vine video will be on loop just like those animated avatars n MySpace when we used to have them.

Currently, this new and interesting Twitter video streaming service is available on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPod Touch. Android, Windows Phone and other versions will follow.

Vine Labs, the people and technology behind it, was a small startup company that was aquired by Twitter.

See the Twitter announcement of Vine here and some example Vine video clips.

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