Have You Tried iMadeFace App?

These past few days I have been seeing these cartoonized version of my friends' faces almost flooding my newsfeed both Facebook and Twitter. They look very cool and very tempting to try my own version and show it to my friends. I had no idea what it is and how it is done. Until I was able to see in one of the photos that says "iMadeFace". As soon as I found out the name, I quickly hit Google.com and searched for it. Then there it was.  
image from ryanseacrest.com
iMadeFace is a current most popular free iOS app (coming soon to Android devices) created by Keyloft LLC which allows user to create an avatar of their own by customizing their facial features from eyes to hair style and color. It is very famous around the world right now and even celebrities are having their own iMadeFace version. Unfortunately I don't have an iOS powered phone so I won't be able to try it myself until an Android version is released. 

Have you tried the iMadeFace app yet? What can you say? You may share it in the comments sections.

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