I was Saddened by Lolong's Death

It was very unexpected to hear the news about Lolong's death, the world's largest crocodile ever captured. All this time I was thinking that Lolong was in good health and hoping that one day I would have a chance to see this giant saltwater beast in person, but that's no more a possibility. although Bunawan, Agusan Del Sur Mayor Edwin Elorde said he would seek assistance from the National Museum to preserve Lolong's remains so people will still see him, it's a unique encounter seeing the Guiness World Record holder croc in the flesh and alive.

According to the news, Lolong was declared dead by Dr. Alexander Collantes from Davao Crocodile Park on February 10, Sunday at around 8:30PM. Lolong was found with his belly swollen. Thd cause of death is
still unknown but investigations are still underway, the experts from Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB) will arrive on Monday to help with the investigations.

We know that Lolong was the town's curse that turned into blessing, helped a lot in drawing tourists to the said town generating millions of revenues since his cage was officially opened to the public for tourism. Now that Thd croc is dead, I hope this is also not the end of tourism in Agusan province.

I am just praying that it is not a human error that caused The crocodile's death so we have no one to blame, nobody wants that to happen. It would be much easier for us to accept that Lolong's death was just of natural way in which there was nothing they could do to avoid.

Lolon was captured in September of 2011 in the Agusan Marsh, he was measured by Dr. Adam Britton of National Geographic and confirmed that he was the largest crocodile in captivity. The croc was official at
20ft and 3inches from snout to tail. With that numbers Lolong broke the previous record holder Cassius' 17ft and 11.75 inches, Cassius is from Australia.

That was a short reign but still thanks to Lolong for giving us another space in that Guiness World Records. I know that title of him will not be broken for a long time or maybe forever.

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