Pag-asa and Kalinawan Give Birth to an Eaglet

Over the weekend we were shocked about the death of Lolong, the crocodile that was declared by the Guiness World Records as the world's largest crocodile in captivity, today it's time to celebrate as another Pinoy pride was born. According to on Saturday, February 9, at around 1:55AM an eagle was hatched at the Philippine Eagle Foundation facility in Davao city. This tiny Philippine eagle's parents? It's none other than Pag-asa and Kalinawan.

This eaglet is the first offspring of Pag-asa and also the very first eagle as the product of artificial insemination. That is a big good job for the people behind this this milestone. The news added that it is the 25th eagle to be produced by the PEF (Philippine Eagle Foundation) since the program started in 1992.

Anna Mae Sumaya, the PEF's curator for conservation breeding had to assist the chick in breaking out of its shell or egg as per report posted on G can't imagine how marvelous that experience would be witnessing an assisting the birth of an eagle, a Philippine eagle.

As you can notice this little bird has on name yet at that is most likely due to the length of time before they determine the gender of the eagle, up to 2 years.

It is indeed a good news to hear this news but we still cannot deny the fact that this kind of birds (Pithecophaga Jefferyi), is still highly endangered species. I would like to PEF more Philippine eagles
to be born both in this facility and in the wild even after we officially declared them endangered no more.

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