PlayStation 4 is Now Official

It's been seven years now since Sony released the PlayStation 3. On February 20, Wednesday in New York, the Japanese electronics company announced the next generation gaming console PlayStation 4 or simply PS4.

One thing is odd at this press event organized by Sony, there was on physical PS4 device nor image that was shown at the announcement. On wonder I do not see any photos of the new console on websites that
report about the PlayStation 4. Not even the pricing for the product was revealed at the said event. But Sony said that the device will be ready for the 2013 holiday shopping season.

The PlayStation 4 will hopefully be able to help Sony get back to solid ground against the other dominating electronics companies such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Nintendo. And Microsoft is yet to announce its upcoming X-box installment.

I heard that Sony will be making the games not only available on PlayStation gaming devices but also on any other gadgets such as smartphones and tablets by hosting games on servers and have it accessed by gamers via the cloud technology offered by Gaikai that was purchased by Sony.

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