RIM Rebrands Company Name to Blackberry

I think it's better RIM or Research in Motion, the manufacturer of Blackberry smartphones and tablets, decided to change their name to simply Blackberry. Many people have no idea that the company behind
Blackberry devices is called RIM. Even myself didn't know about it until we had Canadian trainers sent to the BPO company I used to work for to train us on the account or campaign that we were to provide
support. This was the first time I learned that Research in Motion is Blackberry gadgets' creator. It was mentioned during the training period because we had to provide support for a Canadian telco's subscribers. Additionally, RIM is a Canada-based tech company, so I was not that surprised to know most of my Canadian callers were using Blackberry phones then.

Blackberry Z10 (Left) and and Blackberry Q10
Blackberry is currently in need to get their market share back as it has been losing its ground to Apple's iOS devices and Samsung's Galaxy lines that run Google's Android operating system. Aside from the name
rebranding announcements they also launched their much-delayed new mobile OS, the Blackberry 10. Along with the new BB OS, two new Blackberry smartphones were also unveiled. The first phone is called Blackberry Z10 which features 4.2-inch full touchscreen display and another smarthandset named Blackberry Q10 which will still offer Blackberry's traditional QWERTY keyboard format with a 3.1-inch touch enabled screen.

RIM (now known as Blackberry) is hoping to get back on track with the help of these fresh offerings.

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