Sony Playstation 4 to be Announced this Feb?

A lot of people who have heard about the press invitation from Sony for its February 20th event in New York are expecting the company to unveil the next generation of Playstation gaming console. It has been six years now since Sony released the Playstation 3 and today, the number of its user base is decreasing and the company is losing them to smartphone and tablet games, I think this is the best time to release a new treat for their Playstation fans globally.

Although the invitation did not specifically say they will announce the next Playstation machine and only mentioned Sony will talk about "the future" of Playstation, Wall Street Journal reported that Sony
will definitely unveil the Playstation 4 or also known as "Orbis" citing "people familiar with the matter".

Whatever Sony is planning to reveal on the 20th of February 2013, we still have to wait until then before we believe these reports about PS4. But yes I am also expecting and hoping that the Japanese company
will showcase us the new Playstation. Now as per some reports, if these rumors are to be believed, Sony will officially release the PS4 to the market in time for the holiday shopping seasons, which means in
the last quarter of 2013. That's going to be a long wait if ever.

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