Weddings... It's More Fun in the Philippines by Bob Nicolas

It's More Fun in the Philippines. The Philippines Department of Tourism's slogan campaign for tourism, to me is one of the most successful campaigns created by the DOT. I can still remember the day it was unveiled to the public that it went world wide trending topic on Twitter on that same day.

The #1ForFun or It's More Fun in the Philippines campaign really captured the attention of the Filipino people and even people in other parts of the world. Days after the Tourism Department officially released the slogan, it was followed by a huge number of tweets, status updates on Facebook and photos captioned with "It's More Fun in the Philippines".

Yesterday While I was at a Sunday service at our local church here in Antipolo, a video was shown to us and it's entitled "Weddings.. It's More Fun in the Philippines" created by Bob Nicolas. It was a perfect timing when the video was shown to us since the topic on that Sunday was about "Love, Courtship and Marriage".

I can't explain who amazed I was upoin seeing the entire video. It was just amazingly crafted and done by Bob Nicolas. Hit the play button on the video below and see it for yourself.

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