Final Fantasy V Arrives For iOS Devices

This time it is for iOS users and Final Fantasy fans at the same time as the Japan-based Square Enix launches one of its widely popular Final Fantasy games on iTunes App Store, the Final Fantasy V.
For those who are not fully aware of the Final Fantasy V just like me, I just learned that the game was originally released some 20 years ago in Super Famicon and Super Nintendo gaming consoles. Today Square Enix remastered the classic RPG-based game for mobile gadgets and added some of new job classes to level, redesigned some of its graphics and interface to provide a better touch-based mobile gaming experience.

While this is a good news for Final Fantasy fans who are now have grown up and turned to mobile phones and tablet devices, its price may seem a little bit expensive. Final Fantasy V for iOS is available for $15.99 and is playable on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices.

Android users have nothing to be sad about as the Android version of the FFV is currently underway and will very soon be released for all.

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