Mozilla Says No to Firefox for iOS

Although Apple's Safari browser is one of the great web browsers out there, there are still some users who prefer to use some other browsers on their Apple devices.

Just like myself for example, my favorite browser is Google Chrome which is also the most used web browser in the world. Next one I would pick is Mozilla's Firefox browser. And most recently, Mozilla vice
president Jay Sullivan said that Firefox for iOS will not be made nor released until Apple lightens its policies on third party apps running on their iOS software.

One of the things that users are not able to do on their iOS devices is to set a third party web browser as their default browser. Apple forces everyone to use Safari as the default, so if a user clicks on a
web link it will automatically use Safari to open the web page.

Today, to bypass Safari as default, one can jailbreak their iOS gadget which is not everybody is familiar with.

If that option is enabled by Apple, them it would be nice to have this thing on our iPhones and iPads. Let's just hope that Apple will listen to it, not just hear it.

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