Smart Communications Introduces WipeOut Program

In what it seems to be an effort to boost more iPhone 5 sales, Smart Communications is introducing the WipeOut program to all of its current mobile postpaid subscribers and switch to an iPhone 5 plan.

WipeOut offers Smart subscribers to "wipe out" their current post paid contract regardless of its age or remaining months in their account and upgrade to an iPhone 5 plan with a discounted pre-termination fee
of up to 75%. How is termination fee is calculated? It it your monthly service fee of your plan multiply by the remaining number of months in your contract.

To know if your account is eligible to take advantage of the offer, you can send "WIPEOUT" to 2928.

I have a postpaid account with Smart which I got more than a year ago, so I went ahead and checked if I am eligible to avail of the wipeout promo and here's what I received via SMS.

"Thank you for your interest in our offer. Sorry you are not qualified to avail of the Wipe Out Program based on certain preconditions. For clarifications, you may call *888." I will talk to them later and see if they can provide me some information as to why I am not eligible yet to take advantage of this program and upgrade to the iPhone 5.

The Wipe Out promo is offered from March 22 to April 30 2013. The offer only provides option to upgrade to an iPhone 5 and not to any other handsets, but I hope this will be available or extended to other
devices in the future. Take note that it is only an upgrade option, downgrade is not part of the WipeOut Program.

Below is the matrix for calculating your discount on termination fee once you are qualified.

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