Jessica Sanchez Plays as Frida Romero on Glee Season 4

American Idol Season 11 runner up Jessica Sanchez will play the role of Frida Romero in two episodes of American TV series Glee Season 4. Sanchez's character is a legendary singer from a rival school and is
reportedly the lead vocalist in a band called Hoosierdaddies on Glee.

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As per report on, the Filipina-American singer will appear on Glee's April 25 and May 9 episodes.

In the second season of Glee, Charice Pempengco also appeared in the musical tv series in which most Pinoy fans were very happy to see her act and showcase her talent, singing. This season we have another
Pinoy pride taking the scenes on Glee. Because of that I am pretty sure that Filipinos both fans of Glee and Jessica Sanchez are more than excited to see the powerhouse singer sings with the Glee characters.

Glee is a popular musical tv series in the US created and aired by Fox International. It is now on its fourth season and on May 9, in which Sanchez will appear, is going to be the tv series' season finale.

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