Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie Finally Hits the Philippines

Finally after months of waiting, Pinoy Naruto fans are now happier than ever as the sixth Naruto Shippuden film is now to be shown in Philippine cinemas starting this April 9.

Imagefrom: SM Cinemas Official Facebook Page

This time it is going to be a different timeline where Naruto never lost his parents and many characters including Naruto and Sakura have different personalities.

I know may of Naruto fans have seen or downloaded this online since it was originally released on in July 2012 in Japan but still many would prefer to see it again in the big screens just like me. Thanks again to SM Cinema for this another great treat, last year we had Rurouni Kenshin not to mention the upcoming One Piece Z and Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge movies to be shown again by SM Cinema.

Road to Ninja is directed by Manraj Pannu and is written by Yukla Miyata and of course the creator of the Naruto universe Masashi Kishimoto. Like what was mentioned above, this Shippuden movie opened in Japan in July of 2012 and as early September of that same year it became the highest-grossing Naruto film ever grabbing a total sale of $80.3 million.


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  1. I will definitely watch this one!