Say Goodbye to Multiply

Before switching to a full time e-commerce website in 2012, was one of the fastest growing social networking sites in the Philippines after Friendster in its prior years. Now Multiply just made a sad announcement on its website, they are shutting down the website this coming May.

The site will cease normal operations on May 6 and will completely terminate the whole on May 31, 2013. This means the merchants on Multiply will still be able to accept orders until May 6 and then from that date until the end of May will be their allowance time to settle all of their transactions with their customers, find and migrate to another e-commerce platform and receive their funds from Multiply.

Also, Multiply said that those users/merchants who subscribed to the website's premium services such as Trust Badge who have not completed their subscription on the day of shut down, they will receive a
pro-rated refund from Multiply. To process the reimbursement and for all other questions about this matter, users may call Multiply's customer service hotline.

I have seen great improvements on Multiply's e-commerce platform since its migration from being a social network site. There was the building of shopping cart, payment methods for both merchants and buyers to
process their transactions.

A lot of people are doing business with Multiply and most of them are depending on the e-commerce site to continue with their business. I can see how hard it is to find another platform like Multiply where trust and convenience of doing online shopping and selling have been established.

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