Smart Offers Opera Unlisurf For P15/day

I am not sure but as far as I remember, this is the first time Smart offers unlimited internet surfing via Opera Mini browser at a very affordable price. Smart offers Opera UnliSurf 15.

You read it right, unlimited surfing using Opera Mini mobile browser for only Php15 a day. There is also another one which is Php60 for 5 days.

To register simply text OPERA 15 or OPERA 60 to 211. This surf promo is available to all Smart Prepaid, Smart Regular Postpaid, Talk N' Text and Smart Infinity subscribers. For other type of plan such as "All-in" and "Freedom" plans availability of the promo is to be announced soon. The Opera UnliSurf promo is only good for browsing any websites you wish to visit when registered, so please keep in mind that video streaming and file downloading are not covered by this promo. However, you can still download files and do video streaming for up to 15mb/day while registered under this promo, should you go beyond 15mb within the day will cost you regular browsing fees.

Before you register to this promo, make sure that you have the Opera Mini 7.1 version installed in your phone (smartphone or feature phone). This is as per Opera UnliSurf web page on, Opera Mini 7.1 is the only eligible version for the promo. using other version than that will cost you standard
browsing fees.

Things to Remember to avoid extra charges while taking advantage of the Smart UnliSurf.

- Always use Opera Mini 7.1 at all times. - Running other applications in the background for smartphones may cost you extra regular fee.
- Free video streaming and file downloading up to 15mb. More than that, standard surfing fee will apply.

How to get Opera Mini to your phone.
- For non-smartphone or feature phone, you can send Opera Help to 211.
- For smartphones, simply download Opera Mini from Apple App Store or from Google Plan.

As of writing, the Opera UnliSurf has on end-of-promo date, so just enjoy while it lasts.

Opera Mini is one of the most popular mobile web browsers because it uses a technology that compresses data to up to 90% before it gets to your phone making the loading/downloading process very fast and
consume a very significant lesser amount of data. This is the web browser I would always recommend to use.


  1. Thank you very much for this informative article about the Opera Unlisurf promo of Smart. But right now the latest Opera Mini version on Google Playstore is version 7.5.3. Question is will it still be considered eligible to the promo?


    1. Hi Marlon, as per the promo's webpage on, no. Only Opera Mini 7.1 is eligible for this promo. : )

  2. your promotion is not good its not convinient for the subcribers I already have my softwre of opera mini and now im trying to register it into unlisurf 15 here the key words.OPERA15 to 211 and always replying to me sorry for the inconvinience.Service is unavailable this time how many times I tried infact not time its a week keep trying and checking but your promotion is not working just better to erase promotion o google its useless

  3. Hi Tom, I am sorry to hear you are having problem registering to this promo. Have you tried contacting Smart? There might be update on this promo since this post was made in April. I would contact them if I were you to see why you could not register. : )

  4. My opera is not working I use all version from java but nothing happens even my opera mini in my nokia c3 oO

  5. not working. boooh!!!