Alleged Image of the LG Optimus G2 Appears Online

Here it goes again the Twitter user @evleaks as yesterday through its official Facebook page posted a photo of an unannounced giant-screened LG smartphone with a caption that says "G2? Just a guess...". Tech bloggers picked up the leaked photos right away and posted their version of speculations about the LG phone. 

Evleaks did not actually say that this is the rumored LG Optimus G2 that is why most tech fanatics especially the smartphone/android lovers are also thinking that this could be Google Nexus 5, another rumored android-powered smartphone from Google to be created by LG. But the idea of connecting the image above to Nexus 5 is somehow not that believable as we can see the smartphone has an LG name and logo right below it and if we take a look at the existing Nexus 4 (see below) which is manufactured by LG for Google, it does not have an LG branding on it. So they are saying this is most probably the LG Optimus G2.

There are no other information that were leaked with the photo but I read that the G2 is estimated to have a screen measurement of around 5.5 inches, that is the same screen display size of Galaxy Note 2. Another thing which is very not common on this reported photo of Optimus G2 is that the phone does not feature any physical button on the front panel. If this is a true LG smartphone that is going to be launched by this Korean company, then I can consider this phone as my favorite "phablet" after Galaxy Notes. Not that I just love gadgets with big displays but also because this offers an edge-to-edge screen display. I love smartphones with bigger screens. 

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