Angry Birds the Movie Release Date Announced

Are you a fan of the addicting birds vs pigs game from Rovio Angry Birds? You may have already heard about a plan to have it adapted for the big screens. And you maybe already waiting for the confirmation of this rumor. Well, the wait is somehow almost over as Sony Pictures Entertainment just confirmed that they are going to make a movie adaptation of the famous mobile games from the Finnish company.

But with that announcement, we still have to keep on waiting before we see our favorite flying upset birds crushing pig houses in our local cinemas a little longer. Sony said they target release date for the animated movie is on July 1, 2016. Wow, that's years from now and we may already have a new president by then.

See, we still have to wait for it, but at least we have heard an update on this one and it is a positive update. So let us keep an eye on this project as days, months and years come for future updates on the film. This Angry Birds movie is being produced and financed by its creator Rovio Entertainment and it was Sony Pictures Entertainment which won the rights to distribute it globally in 2016.

We have experienced and enjoyed movie crossovers before with this game like Rio and Star Wars, now it's the other way around. Angry Birds goes to cinema theaters. Are you excited?

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