Apple Announces a Cheaper iPod Touch 5th Gen

Since last year there have been rumors about Apple releasing a cheaper version of iPhones to aim at getting a wider user base but up until now it still remains as speculations. Today though, Apple silently announced a cheaper version of one of its iDevices, an iPod Touch 5th Generation.

The Tim Cooke-led tech company launched a new iPod Touch with a 16GB storage space for only $229 or around Php12k. This is basically a third member of the current  5th-gen iTouch devices because when Apple unveiled and released these latest iPod Touches in October last year, those were only for 32GB and 64GB variants and there was no 16GB option.

When I say cheap, I don't mean the quality of the gadget but its affordability. But there was some minor removal of features which of course would explain why the price is noticeably lower this time. This new iPod Touch, like what has mentioned above, still falls under 5th generation of iTouches as it still sports most of the features found in its 32GB and 64GB counterparts such as the Retina Display. Apple EarPods, Dual-core A5 chip and the 4-inch touch screen display. One major feature that is not going to appear on this new device is the standard 1080p back camera, but will still keep the front facing one for video chat functionality. Now with that rear camera being taken off, I do not think this move would appeal to Pinoy Apple fans as we know Filipinos love taking pictures with their mobile device and share them online. Just like me, I love sharing images to my Facebook and Twitter accounts whenever there's an opportunity to do so, so I would rather add a couple of hundreds or thousands of pesos to get the one that has camera on the back or any other feature which I need the most. Another feature that was removed is the lanyard eyelet, this is the physical design on the device where you can attach the iTouch loop or a lanyard for wrist.

Another thing is this iPod Touch device is only available in one color which is Black and Silver. I checked the Apple Philippines online store just now and it is already poster there for a price of Php12,490 with an estimated showing time around in July.  

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