Google Releases Google Glass Video Demo

If you like technology news just like me, most likely you have heard about Google's Project Glass. And also at the same time, just like me again, do not have full understanding of what a Google Glass is and how it works.

Well today Google releases a mini how-to video giving us some information on how to use and how Google Glass works. It's an over a minute-long video which I thinks only showcases one of the basic functions and features this Glass can provide in the future. Google Glass is currently available to developers, which according to some tech blogs,  costing them a staggering $1,500 each pair of the augmented reality platform.

I case you are not aware of this, Google Glass runs on an Android operating system. So we can expect a variety of Android-based apps that will be available in the future for this what some called "game-changer" device. There was already a news confirming someone was already able to tweet via Google Glass using a Twitter for Glass app. To me this could be the future of mobile internet and connectivity, but if the price tag will remain the same when it hits public market, it will take longer for me to get my hand on those wearable device.

See the video below and you can use the comments section below to share your thoughts about what is shown in the mini tutorial video.

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