Google Translate Now Supports Cebuano Plus Four Other Languages

Google announced today that it just added five more languages to its one of the most popular services, Google Translate.

Aside from Filipino/tagalog, Google Translate now also supports cebuano. According to Google, Cebuano is one of the languages spoken in the Philippines. Predominantly in Visayas and in Mindanao area of the country.

Other languages that were just added to the translating product are Marathi (India), Hmong (China and Vietnam), Javanese (Indonesia) amd Bosnian. One thing we have to keep in mind though, as of yet Google
said apart from Bosnian, all other new languages are currently in "alpha" stage which means may not work perfectly. However, the search giant said that they are still working on these languages to improve it more.

Google moved that those five languages are being spoken by around 183 million people worldwide. To date, Google Translate tool supports more than 70 languages in total.

It's been a good job to Google for keep on adding more tongues in the Translate product as it will enable people to understand a foreign-language webpage to them and give more people access to the
information available Online.

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