Have You Wondered What Was The Very First Website Created? Here It Is!

Twenty years ago April 30, 1993, CERN also known as European Organization for Nuclear Research, launched the very first website. To celebrate its 20th year CERN restored the said first website in its original URL which can be found at http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/TheProject.html.

We might have thought what was the look of the father of all web pages that were and are existing, now thanks to CERN for inventing and making the World Wide Web available to public and for giving us a chance to see today the first website they created.

As we can see in the web page, the format is very simple text-based compared to today's webpages such as Facebook's, Twitter's, with some hyperlinks providing an overview of what the WWW or W3 is when they first had it in mind.

The World Wide Web was created at CERN in Switzerland in 1989 led by British Physicist Tim Berners-Lee.

So that was it. The first website. What I wonder now is what if the world wide web or internet was not created, what do we have now to get in touch with our friends and relatives, to post status updates of our daily life and to tweet photos.

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