Microsoft Announces Xbox One, Not Just a Gaming Console

Microsoft announced on Tuesday their next-generation video game console called Xbox One and dubbed as the entertainment hub device that just not offer best gaming experience but far more than that. This is going to be the first gaming console to be released by Microsoft in years since launching the device's predecessor Xbox 360. That's quite long for today's standard of releasing new version, well atleast to tablet and smartphone industry. 

For the past eight years, Xbox 360 has been successful in making sales across the globe selling more than 75 million units of 360. But also we cannot get rid of the fact that alot has happened for that eight years of span
especially with the dawn of smartphones and tablet PCs that up until now is dominating the whole tech and electronics related markets plus the increasing number of gamers who have been jumping to these type of gadgets with their hobbies. I know Microsoft people know that and according to Don Mattrick, president of the Interactive Entertainment Business for Microsoft, it took them four years to make this console and its features into flesh and it was designed to be an all-in-one system to align games, TV and entertainment. The device is more tha just a gaming console and that's because it will sport an ability to interact with our televisions, voice and gesture commands and also capable of doing Skype video calling. One of the demoes that was presented by Microsoft during the announcement is the voice command feature by telling the device to switch from one channel to another, they just simply said the name of the channel they want and the console did not have a problem doing the asked task. So if this reaches our living rooms, we won't be needing to memorize the channel numbers and we won't be needing to have our remote controls around. I hope this works well with our local cable boxes and will one day be able to experience it personally.

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Xbox One will be released and available for purchase later this year, most probably the same time as PlayStation 4's release date which is on or before holiday shopping time. But the Xbox One's price tag was not disclosed yet. Technical specifications (as per of the third Xbox console are 8GB of RAM, 8-core AMD processor plus a 500GB of internal hard drive. I am not a gamer so I have no idea if that 500GB of space is enough to cover all games that an average player plays especially for downloads. 

For support, as what I have read from a vast number of posts about this new Xbox online, they said it will not feature backwards support, which means if you still want to play those existing Xbox 360 games you will need to keep your 360 box around.  Part of the event announcement is that One will initially come out with 15 exclusive games with the follow up of other games in the future. Some of the games mentioned are Call of Duty: Ghosts, FIFA Soccer 14, Assassin's Creed 4, Battlefield 4, Quantum Break and others. 

Yesterday, Sony through their YouTube channel released a teaser video for their next installment of PlayStation console which is name as PlayStation 4 that was originally announced in February this year and one good thing about this Microsoft's announcement is that they showed the actual device during the event unlike what Sony did at their conference. According to the PS4 teaser trailer, we are mostly to see the full flesh of PS4 at the E3 press conference to be held on June 10.

UPDATE: June 10, 2013

At E3 Conference on June 10 Microsoft announced that its current gaming console Xbox One is going to have a price tag of $499 when it hits 21 markets this November.

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