New Man of Steel Movie Banner and TV Spot Released

Warner Bros. released another movie banners and a new TV spot for their upcoming DC superhero film Man of Steel due for showing this June 2013.

This new Superman film is top-billed by Henry Cavill Clark Kent himself and is directed by Zack Snyder. This is one of the films that I am excited to see this year.

The new TV spot for the Man of Steel gives us more of what's going to happen in the film. There we see Superman in the opening of the video clip, his father in the movie Jor-El played by Russell Crowe, the villain General Zod by Michael Shannon, Amy Adams as Lois Lane of course she's definitely going to be a part of every superman movie. Aside from those characters we also see some explosions which seems to be created by a ship that comes down to earth. That is just a 34-second video from the Man of Steel and it's already giving me the treat that every movie lovers and Superman fans should get, what more if we have now the chance to see the whole movie.

Well that wait is going to end soon as we are now almost half of the month of May, that's a little over a month of waiting to before this Snyder's rendition of Man of Steel. The pressure and expectations on Zack is really getting high as they provide more teasers of the movie, and most of all everyone, just like me, is just super excited for this film.

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