Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition Unveiled

At the Google I/O Developers' Conference in San Francisco California held  from May 15 to 17, 2013, the search giant company has confirmed the rumor about their plan to release a Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition.

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The major difference this Google version of Galaxy S4 will have from its original counterpart is that it will sport Google's stock Android version or some call it Vanilla Android. Vanilla Android means the operating

system won't have Samsung's touchwiz in it. It's a pure and naked version of Android Jelly Bean. I am thinking now that if you are a type of person who does not like, if not all, but most of Samsung-only apps and features intalled in the original Galaxy S4 then this variant from Google is the best option for you.

Google said at the event this S4GE will go on sale on starting this June 26 for a retail price of $649 and has an unlocked bootloader plus with a 16GB of internal memory space which can be expandable via microSD card. This S4 version was not given a specific name by Google unlike other of its Nexus line, but did not fail to mention that users will have the "Nexus-like experience" that refers to the vanilla Android this device will come with. Another thing the Google-branded Galaxy S4 will offer is the ability to have firmware update notification as soon as the new software is released just like the current Nexus devices are having. At the moment, Google said this one will support AT&T and T-Mobiles' LTE networks. So it tells us that this will initially be available for people in the US and international availability announcement of this Galaxy smartphone may follow soon.

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