Sony Releases Teaser Video For Upcoming PlayStation 4

The Japanese tech firm Sony just today released a teaser trailer about their upcoming gaming console which is the PlayStation 4 or simply PS4. 

For some reason Sony unveiled this new clip a day before Microsoft is set announce their new Xbox version. Sony had a press conference this February when they initially announced the coming of the fourth PlayStation where everyone was left a little bit disappointed as all of the attendees of that event and all of the PS fans around the world were expecting to see the whole physical console itself and other features it will offer once released, but we ended up being shown nothing but the physical PS4 controller plus other games that are built for the PS4.

Before hitting the play button, I was expecting to see the full figure of this new gaming gadget but the teaser trailer is really a teaser where most of the video clip shows blurry images of the console with some close-up shots on PS4's different angles. But at the end of the video it shows a date that says "June 10, 2016 6PM PDT" which is going to be the Sony's PlayStation E3 Press Conference where fans and enthusiasts expect to see the fullness of the PlayStation 4 console with the addition of some new video games announcement for this next-gen PS device and its features. 

See some of the images below that I managed to capture while playing the video clip.

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