Sun Cellular's Unlimited Facebook For Php50 for 7 Days

Most of us (Facebook users) can't just go on a day without accessing our FB account to update ourselves on what's going on with our friends especially when we are out of the house most of the day. That's why with the boom of phones which are capable of connecting the internet, biggest telecommunications providers in the Philippines such as Smart Telecommunications and Globe Telecom have launched numerous types of promos that have to do with accessing the internet, most popularly is the unlimited access to Facebook for a certain amount and a certain number of days. Sun Cellular, one of the leading providers in the country also just launched their unli Facebook offering.

The PLDT-owned network unveiled this promo through their Facebook account. If you are a Sun user, you can avail of the unlimited Facebook access on your phone for only Php50 which is good for 7 days. That's right 7 days for only fifty bucks. To register to the Sun Cellular's unli Facebook promo simply send FB50 to 247. Once registration is confirmed, you can now proceed to your phone's default web browser and go to website.

I tried to check Sun's website for the mechanics of the promo but I could see any, I even tried seeing other blogs about this promo but still not able to spot one. Now since Sun has now been a sister company of Smart, then I would assume that the mechanics is the same which are listed below.

- Access only content under domain or website.
- Clicking on Ads, Links or Photos that lead to another website other than will cost you additional charge.
- Use of apps such as Facebook for Android or iOS, Facebook for every phone and Operamini is not allowed or else regular browsing fee applies.
- Once promo expires and you are still on, regular browsing will be applied as well. So keep in mind the time you registered.

If you have other questions about this promo you may contact SunCel's customer service team though this link.

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