Cherry Mobile Teaser: Two BSI Cameras, One Phablet.

The Pinoy phone brand Cherry Mobile has posted a couple of photos through their official Facebook page hinting us a new 2.0 phablet device is coming our way this June. One of the photos says "Two BSI Cameras. One Phablet." then right below this is states "TWO.ZERO". 

The teaser images did not come out with any additional information that may give us more clue as to what particular device is about to be unveiled this month. But if we take a closer look at one of the images, there is a not-so-clear image of the tablet which shows the back panel with the camera lens and right below the snapper it says what it appears to be a 12MP camera. But that was just it, nothing more. 

If you plan to buy one of phones of our local brands then you might want to consider waiting a little bit more and see what are the new offerings of Cherry Mobile for us this month. 

What about you, by taking a look at the photos that were released by CM, do you have any guess as to what kind of Android device this is? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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