Hashtag Feature is Coming to Facebook Too

If you have been using other social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest, most likely you are already familiar with the #hashtag key. That key which is popularized by Twitter is now also coming to Facebook and it works the same way.

Facebook made the announcement on June 12 about the lauch of hashtag on its social site. Hashtag is used to join or add your post to a larger discussion as per Facebook. For example if you create a post on your wall that says something " I wanna see the #ManOfSteel later today.", you can now then click on #ManOfSteel hashtag and there will be a pop-up window showing all the posts that have the same hashtag. 

However as of the moment some of my friends on Facebook do not see words with hashtag key as clickable, but on my end I can now see them as something I can click on. So that means Facebook is gradually doing the roll out as of the moment. I do not know if a user has to activate the "Graph search" feature on their account to have this hashtag functionality working but mine is already activated the Graph search on my Facebook. 

Look at some of the screenshots I captured myself using my account below.

I used the Graph search or the search field at the top of the Facebook and seached for #ManOfSteel and clicked on the first suggestion to see posts within Facebook that have the same hashtag. Then I was shown status updates and images with #ManOfSteel hashtag. See below.

I also made a post on my account that has #Hashtag and since it appears clickable on my wall, I clicked on it and I got the pop-up window that is shown below.

Now regarding privacy concern, Facebook is still keeping it. Unlike other social sites, if your status updates are set to be seen only by your friends then only friends of yours can see them even if has hashtags, if it's extended to friends of friends then their friends can also see your updates and the same thing if all of your posts are set to "public" then anyone on Facebook could see it. 

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