Google Releases Stand Alone Keyboard App

Google, the creator of Android the leading mobile operating system in the world just released the Google Keyboard app, a stand alone app from its stock Android OS just like Swype and SwiftKey keyboard apps. This newly released app has been around on Nexus devices from Google and most likely on the upcoming Google Edition smartphones like Galaxy S4 and HTC One. 

Google Keyboard app offers great features such as the Gesture Typing which allows users to glide their fingers on the letters to form a word, there are also auto correct and word predictions included in the free app. Voice Notes is also part of this amazing app, simply tap the microphone icon to activate handsfree writing.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy or HTC devices, chances are you haven't tried this particular app as these companies by defaulf use their version of keybaord on their devices. So if you would like to give it a try and you have version 4.0 or higher of Android OS on your phone or tablet you may head over to Google Play website and download it for free. it will just cost you around 15mb of space in your memory. Currently the app supports 26 languages and according to Google, more languages to be followed in the near future. 

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