HTC One, A New Google Edition Smartphone

Last month the search giant company announced the coming of Google Edition of Samsung Galaxy S4 using stock version of Android operating system or also known as Vanilla Android. Today HTC One, which is one of the newly released flagship and most anticipated devices on the market just got a Nexus treat. Google unveiled HTC One Google Edition.

Sundar Pichai, announced the smartphone during an interview at the All things Digital conference. This version of One will run Google's untouched stock Android Jelly Bean, so it is going to be a pure Android software installed in the device, without any HTC-related softwares or applications pre-installed. And since it is a Google Edition, just like its Galaxy S4 counterpart and other Nexus devices, software updates will come directly from Google. 

The new member of the Google Edition devices will be available for order on Google Play starting June 26 for a price of $599 which will work on AT&T and T-Mobile's networks (in the US). 

Is it going to reach Philippine store shelves? No one knows up until know. 

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