What I think About "Man of Steel" After Watching It?

If you are a type of moviegoer who does not like seeing, reading or hearing movie spoilers then this post is not recommended for you to read, if not then you may proceed. 

Just like what it says in the song by Five for Fighting "Superman", "It's not easy to be me." And yes, I was able to feel it while watching the Man of Steel by Director Zack Snyder. 

It's not easy to live in a place where you really do not belong, just like Kal-el/Clark Kent who is originally from the dying planet Kryton and sent by his Kryptonian father Jor-el to the Earth so their race would survive. The Man of Steel went darker this way than the previous Superman movies I have seen. It tells more about the titular character himself, his struggles while trying to live as normal human as possible. But the world just need some sort of a savior  Someone who can save them from being stupid, from being too proud of themselves, from being to helpless or someone who can remind them that even if you are the superhuman you still have struggles and challenges of your own just like the normal people around. And this is to me what the movie is trying to say at some point. 

At the opening of the movie, I was greeted with the birth of Kal-el followed by what was going on with the planet Krypton, dying. I have not seen all other Superman movies so I do not know how the Krypton was rendered in those ones. I saw the Superman Returns but I still don't remember seeing the planet Krypton that is why in the Man of Steel I really noticed that viewers were given more time spent in this other planet aside from the earth. From the time Jor-el was helping his wife giving birth to their son, talking to the council members, fighting General Zod and his followers, retrieving the codex until sending Kal-el to the Earth, this is the first time I saw more of the planet Krypton. The opening scenes reminded me of John Carter where it also begins with scenes on the planet Mars. It also reminded me of James Cameron's Avatar when Jor-el rode an Ikran-like flying creature. 

Whille the film was rolling, there were questions that kept on popping up my mind like how Clark Kent (Kal-el's name on the Earth) would get his Superman costume, how he his first fly would look like, how General Zod would be able to reach Earth when he was sent into a Kryptonian prison and locked in there with his followers, how superman would defeat this Kryptonian enemies who followed him in our planet and how the movie would end. All of those were addressed as the movie plays and that's what I like. I hate seeing a movie then at the end leaving us with unanswered question then you have no idea if there would be a follow up movie or what. 

This is also the first time I saw Superman costume had a major overhaul and I liked it better than the classic looks of it. It fits the tastes of most of its fans, you know grown ups and this the current trends when it comes to designing characters costume  they try to get them new looks from the previous film especially if it's going to be a reboot. Many viewers want to see new designs and a little twist on how the story would be executed. There was this scene where Lois asks Clark while he is in Superman suit what the "S" stands for, now most of us thinks that S means Superman but Kal-el says it's not an S in our would, it means "hope". Then Lois rebuts saying it's S here and the conversation was interrupted when Lois was about to say the word "Superman" giving a word for that S on Superman's chest and I thought that the word "Superman" would not be mentioned in that film just like "Batman" in Christoper Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. 

The fight scenes were a little above my expectations. Zack Snyder is my favorite director after seeing his other movies like the 300, Watchmen and the Sucker Punch plus it is a superhero movie so I knew it would be super awesome. Of all the fight scenes I have seen from other movies, this is the most destructive one I have ever witnessed in a movie. Lots of buildings were destroyed and put to the ground and again this reminded me of watching the Matrix Revolution, Hancock, Transformers and others but this is the most devastating one and that is just... SUPER! The visuals in this movie are very Zack Snyder, if you have seen his other movies I mentioned above then you will know what I am talking about here. 

We know that Superman is from DC Comics together with The Dark Knight (Batman) and Green Lantern, there is one thing I realized though after waiting until Man of Steel's credits part was done. Never treat DC movies like Marvel movies. Why? With recent Marvel movies like Ironman, Thor, Captain America and the Avengers there is always a video clip after the movie credits which hints us about what would the next film would be or what we can expect to see in the next Marvel movie. I waited all the through the very end of the film and no post-credit video was shown after. But the ending of Man of Steel kinda gives us an impression where the next Superman film would be picking up in case the people behind it will make another one in the future. 

Man of Steel opened in the Philippines on June 12, 2013 two days earlier than US release. Since this is one of the movies I waited for this year I made sure that I would be able to see this movie as soon as possible, ASAP to me meant on the very first day of showing and the very first MOS film to roll, that's how excited I was about this one. Like what I have already said in my previous posts about Man of Steel, I am not a fan of Superman but of course yes I do like superhero movies. I only anticipated this movie largely because of its director. 


  1. I agree with you, it was also the best Superman movie I saw in my entire life. Can't wait now for a sequel by Zack Snyder.

    1. Successful movies are usually up for a follow up installment which is I can really smell on the Man of Steel so far. Me too is now excited for another Superman movie by the same director. :D