Instagram Introduces Video Sharing Feature

The now-Facebook owned Instagram at the Facebook event in its headquarters in Menlo Park California introduced today a new feature that will for sure love by Instagram users, this is called the "Video on Instagram.

Video on Instagram will allow users to record a video with up to 15 seconds long and share it online. Sounds familiar? Yes, Twitter also has the same service called Vine but there are many differences between the two. First, according to a post on The Verge, Kevin Systrom the co-founder and CEO of Instagram said he has been working on this feature since 2010. That gives us a clear answer that it was not copied from Vine which was developed and acquired by Twitter just last year. For those who are not informed, Vine is a stand alone app that also allows users to record video but only for up to 6 seconds and share to social media site like Twitter and Facebook. And this went live early this year.

Another difference this new feature has is it comes with 13 different filters to choose from that can be applied to videos before a user can publish it online. I love seeing filtered Instagram photos so most likely I will love it too. There is also an option to select a thumbnail for a video before sharing online, this makes our videos more personalized which I believe is not found in the competition. Plus when the video is uploaded, the clip will autoplay but unlike Vine it does not loop so if you want to see the whole video again, simply tap the play icon on the thumbnail.

It is not a stand alone app, just update your current Instagram app on your device and you should be able to see the video icon right next to the camera icon. This new service is available both for iOS and Android users. To record a video simply tap and hold the red record button, unhold it to stop recording, you may also continue recording another scene by simply doing the same thing until you consume the whole 15 seconds. Tagging is not going to be an issue here as it works the way with the photos.

There is just one not so good news though, with photos we can import images from phone's memory to the Instagram but with videos we can't and that is according to a report by TechCrucnh. So if you want to capture a video in Instagram you have to fire up your Instagram app first. But do not lose hope as it is just the first version of the feature and people from Instagram are considering adding this option in the future the report added.

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