Man of Steel's Director Zack Snyder Has a Message For Filipinos

Warner Bros. Philippines via its Facebook  page and YouTube channel, posted a video of Zack Snyder sending his greetings in Filipino and thanks to all Filipino especially here in the Philippines for the "huge, huge, huge welcome" and success of the Man of Steel has received from our country.

Man of Steel has become the highest grosser to date on a first-day release earning a total box office of Php69.52 according to The new Superman movie opened in the Philippines on June 12 which was two days ahead of its US release. And I am proud to say that I was one of those Zack Snyder and Man of Steel fans who made sure to see the movie on its opening day. 

See the thank-you video below which Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. recorded just for Pinoys. To tell you honestly this is the first time I saw a video like this recorded by one of the best directors and one of the biggest movie companies in the US for the Filipinos alone. And it's just amazing. 

There is already rumour going around the web that Man of Steel sequel is already in progress and that we can expect to see the next Superman movie as early as Christmas of 2014. What if the Philippines would be one of the locations in the plot? That would be super awesome. : )

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