Hunger Games: Catching Fire Quarter Quell Posters Are Here

The showing date of the next Hunger Games movie is coming near and as we approach the most anticipated date of the Hunger Games fans both the book and the movie, we are very recently being treated by the people behind this film. Lionsgate just released 11 new movie posters for the upcoming sequel titled "Catching Fire" featuring the victors of the previous Hunger Games who are in wetsuit and are going to compete in the Quarter Quell. 

To be honest, I never planned nor tried to see this movie when it was released last year in spite of good reviews and a very good box office earnings so I really have no idea what a Quarter Quell is, so I googled it and here's what I found. Quarter Quell is like a special edition of Hunger Games which takes place every 25th year of Hunger Games. This is where the the past HG victors from different districts will compete with each other.

Now that I have seen these posters and the previous ones, including the trailer of the Catching Fire, I now plan to see it as soon as it hits our movie theaters here. Good thing is I still have a lot of time to see first the previous movie or even read the books if I want to. What about you, are you going to see (again) the Hunger Games: Catching Fire which opens on November 21? 

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