LG G2 Officially Announced

The Korean electronics company LG has finally announced its much-rumored and much-anticipated smartphone of this year, the LG G2. Offering a much bigger display than its predecessor, LG Optimus G, G2 packs a 5.2-inch 1080p IPS touchscreen display. G2 is the successor of LG Optimus G? Yes, that is right. The electronics giant omitted the "Optimus" naming for this new device of them. 

LG puts more powerful specs and new smart software features in this new offering of them. This is still an Android phone running Google's 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. At the back on that displays runs a 2.26GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU paired with a 2GB of RAM. We can expect a 13-megapixel back camera with LED flash plus it sports an Optical Image Stabilization functionality. There is also a front-facing camera pegged at 2.1MP. The battery is even more powerful than the common smartphones on the market as it offers 3,000mAh but it is a non-removable battery.For storage options the G2 device will be offered in 16GB and 32GB variants. Other thing I love to see in smartphones is the number of available color selections just like what Samsung is doing, unfortunately the LG G2 only comes in white and black. 

As what we can see in the back panel of the new LG Android phone, the Korean firm decided to put the volume rocker and the power button right below the rear camera which also makes it very unique from other handsets out there. According to LG, this is to make the user experience better than the other smartphones have offered when it comes to the physical handset. I agree to this as sometimes it is hard to reach for the volume keys or power button when using a much bigger phone and most of the time it would require the other hand to do it. Also the back of the phone is where naturally the index finger is located so any physical buttons in there would be easily reached and used by the index finger. LG did a good job on this one.   

There are also other LG-built features that are being showcased in the G2. The first one is what they call the "AnswerMe" which the phone automatically answers incoming calls when it is put next to the ear. Then there is the "Slide Aside" which lets users to do a three-finger gesture to slide open apps off the screen for multitasking requirement. The "Guest Mode" is also another feature on this phone where a user can set up or activate if the phone will be used by another user like friend of child. Most smartphones I know need to hit any physical key (home or power) to wake the device up, but LG G2 has this feature called "KnockOn" which a user can just tap the phone's display twice to wake phone from sleep mode.

The pricing and availability of the G2 in the Philippines are still to be announced soon. But most likely this phone will be released anytime this August.

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