Samsung Galaxy Note III leaks Images Online

Now that Samsung Unpacked event is coming very near and we are one week away, it is really not surprising to see leaked specs, components and images of the next Galaxy device. On Tuesday, sources have posted online the alleged images of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Sonny Dickson and ETrade Supply leaked the photos online showing Note III's display panel which tells us that GNote3 will sport a 5.68-inch touchscreen display and a crazy super slim bezel.  

According to ETrade Supply Samsung, on September 4th at IFA 2013 in Berlin, will unveil the third generation of Galaxy Note Samsung's flagship phablet and the said Android hybrid will sport a 5.68-inch display, thin border measurement of about 2.2mm and thickness of around 1.8mm. 

Sonny Dickson on the other hand posted about 10 images of the rumored Galaxy Note 3 which he claims he was able to get his hands on. Dickson, according to many tech bloggers, has proven himself to be a reliable leak poster a number of times before especially when it comes to Apple iOS devices.  

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If you are familiar with the design of the current Galaxy Note 2, you will notice that there is a slight yet noticeable change in its looks, the curved edges. If this particular design is accurate, then I think I will be having a hard time telling if someone is holding a Galaxy Note III, Note 1 or S 2 as I could only see tiny differences. The leaks are very reliable to me as both of the "leakers" posted the same Note III. And to be honest I really like it better than the Note II. Now if the software and technical specs are upgraded too and smarter than ever (which is mostly likely the case), then like its predecessors it will rock those smartphones and tablets shelves around the world.

At this point, we can take note that Samsung will really have a press event on September 4th according to the invitation the company has sent out and another thing is we are really going to see a new 3rd generation Note Android device. So as of yet I am only waiting for the specs and other offerings of this next installment the Korean company's widely popular phablet. I am pretty sure a lot of people are really waiting for it and can't wait to take home one as soon as it gets released in the wild. Let's wait on September 4th, 2013.


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