The Expendables 3 Update: Bruce Willis Out, Harrison Ford in!

The creator and star of the Expendables franchise Sylvester Stallone has tweeted earlier today and confirmed that Bruce Willis will no longer be a part of the third Expendables movie but Harrison Ford will take his place. Not as the same character though as Willis', most likely.

Stallone said "WILLIS OUT... HARRISON FORD !!! GREAT NEWS !!!!! Been waiting years for this!!!!

For some, it is kind of a not so good news. But to me, it's more than okay and enough to see new faces in the next film. Speaking of new faces, well Ford is just the newest addition to the Expendable 3 and just followed Jackie Chan, Nicolas Cage, Wesley Snipes, Kellan Lutz, and Milla Jovovich. 

So what do you think? According to other movie blogs I have read, more new stars will join the movie before it begins production later this year. But we have to wait for almost a year from now to see the Expendables 3 movie.

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