The Viral "Man of Steel 2" Fan Made Teaser Trailer, See it Here

About a week ago, many were shocked and surprised when Warner Bros announced that Ben Affleck will don Batman's cape and cowl and his first appearance as Bruce Wayne/The Dark Knight will be in yet-untitled Man of Steel's sequel in 2015. Then on August 26th a YouTube user solyentbrak1 posted a video with a title of "Man of Steel 2 Teaser Trailer - Ben Affleck/Bryan Cranston (FAN MADE)" that became viral which as of typing has gathered 1.7 million views. Read on to see the trailer after the jump.

The trailer as we can notice was brilliantly created and scenes from different movies were amazingly put together in an almost 2-minute clip, not to mention the score that plays from beginning to the end. According to a post on THR, scenes from Man of Steel, Breaking Bad, Daredevil, The Dark Knight, The Lincoln Lawyer and State of Play were edited together for this one We see Henry Cavill as Superman himself, Ben Affleck as the Batman and Bryan Cranston as Clark Kent's arch enemy Lex Luthor. Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor? Yes, and that's because there are reports and many are also saying that he could be a best bet for the villain role.   

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