It's Here! First Trailer for "Pompeii" Starring Kit Harrington

FilmDistrict just released its first official teaser trailer for "Pompeii" starring Kit Harrington (also known as Jon Snow from the Game of Thrones). This movie trailer took me by surprise as I was really not aware of this film. Read on to see the full trailer below. 

Yesterday, the first Pompeii photo(below) was released online by that shows a well-toned Kit Harrington who plays as the lead character names Milo, an enslaved Celtic gladiator in the movie. After seeing that Pompeii is going to be out in February next year, I knew right then and there that a first trailer is just around the corner as it is the trending I notice regarding upcoming movies, a teaser always follows a poster. But what I was not expecting is that the first teaser would be released as early as the next day, which is today.

The visual is just amazing, it has the same touch of Zack Snyder in his films although this one is directed by Paul W. Smith (Resident Evil). I liked the background music, the slow motions and the erupting vulcanoe which for some reason also reminds me of the rise of Kronos in Wrath of the Titans.

Pompeii opens in February 2014. 

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