Rumored Apple iPhone 5C Gets a Review [Video]

Speaking about current tech rumors, mostly you will find about Apple's upcoming next generation iPhones are on the top  list. On September 10, Apple will, reportedly announce two variants of iPhones. The first one would be the "normal" high-end iPhone 5S which would replace the iPhone 5 as the flagship device and another one which has been rumored for months now as it will be the low-cost or cheap version of iPhone offering, many refers to it as the iPhone 5C.

Tanner Marsh, just outed a video titled "New iPhone 5C Hands-on Review" and posted on YouTube. This iPhone jailbreaker has been reliable before when it comes to leaking information about  Apple's upcoming devices. The video reviews the supposed iPhone 5C back cover which is made of plastic and comes in different colors, five to be exact. And that's what the "C" means in the name, not "Cheap" as what others previously thought but "Colors" as the iDevice will obviously be coming out in 5 color options. Hit the play button on the video below and you may share your thoughts about this device in the comments section of this  page.

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