Samsung To Unveil Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Next Month?

Everybody in the tech industry is expecting Samsung Electronics to unveil its version of smartwatch early next month which most refer to as the Galaxy Gear. A wrist-worn Android gadget that will work more than just a normal watch we know. They expect to officially announce the device on September 4, 2 days before the IFA consumer electronics show kicks off in Berlin.

The said date was reported by citing a confirmation from their sources and that there is also a big chance that Samsung will do a simultaneous events in Berlin and New York for the Gear announcement. There are also other rumours suggesting the Galaxy Note 3 will be launched on the same date.  

An artist's impression of the Samsung Smartwatch. Photograph: Voucher Codes Pro

According to various tech websites, the Galaxy Gear will sport a 2.5-inch OLED touch-enabled screen with a resolution of 320x320 plus a dual-core processor. As per post on, leaks tell that the wearable device will have a camera in the strap, speakers in the clasp and sensors that will detect if the watch is being looked at. Some other major functions this upgraded wrist-based machine will reportedly offer are the capability to surf the web, make and receive phone calls and send text message so long that it is connected to a smartphone via bluetooth technology. This sounds very cool and exciting especially for people who are using big-screened smartphones or phablets and for some who find it not comfortable putting the handsets out of their pockets while in a place they are not comfortable using the phone. 

For some, this is a brand new offerings making our regular watches do more than just telling us the time. Now it's like we can talk back to the watches on our arms. And for others, it is not a new one as there are other smartwatches that have been launched prior to this which are either did not make it to the main stream or was not released widely. And not only Samsung is expected for this, but also Apple and Motorola that have been reported of creating their own smartwatches. So this is really going be a war of the wearable gadgets plus analysts are thinking that in the coming years smartwatches will be sold like hotcakes, just like what happened in the feature and smart phones market. 

How about you? What do you think of this emerging technology? Are you going to take a bite once it is fully launched? I guess we need to see first the final product before we tell our thought. But what I am really looking forward to is the third generation Samsung Galaxy Note. 

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