New Trailer for Thor: The Dark World Released Online

Disney's Marvel Studios has just released a new trailer for the Thor: The Dark World starring Chris Hemsworth as Thor,Tom Hiddleston as his adoptive brother Loki and Natalie Portman who is also reprising her role as Jane Foster. Hit the jump to see the full trailer below.

Months ago when the first official trailer for The Dark World was released, we were only given a very limited scenes for Loki. Unlike this second one, there are a lot of lines and Loki moments that are being showcased. Loki is one of the most famous villains of today and in this film or trailer it looks like Loki has become a selling character for the franchise aside from Thor. 

What can I say about the trailer? It's hard pounding from the time I hit that play button with the opening of seeing Thor asking for help from Loki to face the enemy that is said to be older than the universe until I heard that last line from Thor himself (Anyone else?) after smashing that giant ogre-looking monster to pieces. It's more intense than the first teaser.

Thor: The Dark World hits our local cinemas this October 30.

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