Apple Officially Announces iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S

iPhone 5C

 Pretty much everything that has been rumored about the two new iPhones of Apple has proved to be accurate. On September 10, in the US, the Cupertino-based tech company announced its most anticipated gadgets and softweare of the year. Meet the cheaper version iOS smartphone called iPhone 5C and of course the flagship device, iPhone 5S. Plus Apple also formally announced the revamped mobile operating system which is due for worldwide release on September 18. Read on for more information about the the new devices after the jump.

Of the three new Apple products, I think it is the iPhone 5C got a lot of leaked information, images and even videos everywhere in the internet. And with those unofficial posts about this 5C, it was really not that surprising when Tim Cook-lead company formally announced the iPhone 5C. It was not exactly revealed what the "C" stands for in this installment, but to me I will take it as "Colors" as this one will come in 5 colorful selections which are Green, White, Blue, Pink and Yellow. Unfortunately there were no black and red to complete the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers line up.  Inside its "beautifully unapologetic plastic" polycarbonate casing lies the A6 chip to run the show. The screen size remains at 4-inches with Retina display and the iSight camera has 8-megapixel resolution plus the Facetime HD has been significantly improved, it's basically a colored version of iPhone 5 plus additional offerings. LTE band is also supported by this one. Many said the"C" in the name stands for "Cheap", we'll what do you think? In the USA, consumers can get this iPhone 5C in a two year contract with a cash out fee of $99 for a 16GB variant. If they don't feel like being in a contract, the 5C is available for a price tag of $549. A 32GB option will cost them $199 for a two-year contract as well or $649 for contract-less purchase.  Still not that cheap, how much when it hits our local shelves? At least Php20k I think.

What about the battery life? Apple said it should be able to stand for up to 10 hours of talk time in 3G network. For browsing purposes, that's up to 10 hours also under WiFi and LTE networks while up to 8hrs of life when used in 3G network mode. 10-video playback and up to 40 hours for audio playback. Long enough?

The iPhone 5S

Same as the 5C, this one still sports 4-inch Retina display screen. But unlike the cheaper competitor, 5S will house an A7 processor re-engineered for a 64-bit architecture which will make it several times faster than the previous model (32-bit). The iPhone 5S takes a lot of superior enhancements and new features that will help the iOS device sell even more units when it's officially released.

As per rumors of the past and confirmed by Apple, Fingerprint sensor functionality for added security protection is official in this device. The feature is called "TouchID" and the sensor is located right in the home button. This is the main selling feature of the 5S, maybe "S" in the name stands for "Sensor", just like "Siri" in the 4S. Users can set up multiple fingerprints and another great thing about the TouchID is it has a built-in technology that is capable of reading the fingerprints however it is positioned (360 degrees), so owners won't have a problem positioning their thumbs to unlock the phone. Since there is a physical components located in the home button for this feature, it's very clear that this won't be available in any other previous iPhones even after switching to iOS 7. Apple also confirmed that these data are not stored in the cloud nor in any of their servers, instead it is saved in the A7 chip. That's an additional assurance that fingerprints won't be compromised in case there would be some technical attack happens in the future. Other feature the iPhone 5S offers is the "Burst mode", which the iSight camera captures series of photos in one shot and then auto-picks the best one.

Three new color selections are up for the new iPhone, there would be in Silver, Gold which is also a rumored one and then the newest additional color, Space Gray. Goodbye white and black. All are in metal cases that are "Made of high-grade aluminum, with chamfered edges", Apple says. The A7 chip will have a companion inside the iPhone 5S called M7, a co-motion processor. Apple said that it enables the phone to read and analyze users 'movement through accelerometer, gyroscope and compass with out bothering the A7. Apple also added that with this M7, developers will would be able to create apps to monitor fitness in an unprecedented ways ever.  

The iPhone 5S will come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB sizes and will be available for $199, $299 and $399 in a two-year contract respectively.That's only a hundred dollars difference with iPhone 5C. Same thing for non-contract pricing. By December, the iPhone 5S should be available in 100 countries worldwide.

There is just one most-anticipated device that was not unveiled at the press event, the iWatch. Maybe Apple is not ready yet to join the wearable technology or maybe they will have it revealed in the next event for the new iPad tablets announcement before the year ends.  


  1. Akala ko cheaper iPhone? e ganun parin mahal pa rin. good luck na lang. tsk.tsk.

  2. Akala ko ba cheaper iPhone? Mahal pa rin kaya.. tsk.tsk. Marketing nga naman.

    But I still like it, that Touch ID? it's awesome, sana lang walang issue when it's out.

  3. Apple is selling this newly announced iPhone 5S with an upgraded processor, the A7 chip with and saying that it comes with a 64-bit architecture. This is the first for a smartphone according to Apple and while may users and tech enthusiasts are not really familiar how this thing works or what exactly means, folks over at published an article explaining this 64-bit thing in a more understandable way. You may check it here...