The Colorful iPhone 5c TV Commercial is Here

Apple has unveiled and confirmed the "cheaper" iPhone 5c on September 10 and it was one of the most anticipated product announcements this year in the tech world. Everybody was waiting for it and its pricing and to be honest many were shocked that it was not really that cheap at all. Today Apple released their TV commercial for the iPhone 5c. Hit the jump for the video and decide if it's still cool like the other previous Apple products ads. 

For those who enjoyed the background music playing while seeing the colorful liquified plastic transforming into an iPhone 5c, the song's title is "Rill Rill" by Sleigh Bells. This is the first Apple ad for the new iPhone (probably, as we may also see an iPhone 5s ad in the near future) which titled "Plastic Perfected" and captioned "Introducing iPhone 5c. A completely new expression of iPhone that's not just for lovers of color. It's for the colorful."

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