BBM for Android and iOS Coming Out This Weekend

Blackberry has confirmed that its most popular messaging system Blackberry Messenger or BBM will finally be available for Android and iOS users worldwide and is ready to be rolled out this weekend. Read on for full detail.

The Canadian company, on a blog post, announced that those who have Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean devices can download the BBM app on Google Play for free starting September 21 and for iPhone users the app will be available on App Store the next day or on September 22. Apple iDevices users must have atleast iOS 6 to download the BBM.

Most of us know that the BBM was previously exclusive to Blackberry phone users which according to the blog post has more than 60 million active users on BB alone. Now if the BBM will catch the taste of the Android and iOS consumers, then it is going to be a very big party to be in. Once it's out, as what I have mentioned in my previous post when the expansion was first unveiled, it will directly compete with the current big players in the instant messaging race such as the WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber and even Facebook Messenger. Not only that, there are also newcomers in this category which are also taking a significant share like the KakaoTalk and Line.   

Blackberry Messenger, aside from the ability to communicate with other users from all three networks in real time, will also feature BBM Groups. BBM Groups allows a user to invite up to 30 of their friends on messenger app. Whether on a one-on-one or group chat mode, users can share files, voice notes and images with each other. Just like the Facebook Messenger, BBM will let users know that their message has been delivered or read. Even if the other party is typing a message back will be known to the users. Broadcast Message will also be featured here, it works the same way "GM or Group Message" in the texting arena, where a user can send a message to all its friends in one hit. BBM PIN? Don't worry as Blackberry said everyone will be able to get their own PIN so there would be no need to share phone numbers and emails to everyone. 

BBM Video calling and BBM Voice calling are also planned for future release, Blackberry said.

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