Globe Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Pre-order Page Now up

Actually it was Globe Telecom that posted first through their Facebook page that they will now start accepting pre-orders for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and then followed by Smart Communications' announcement of their pre-orders acceptance too for the Note 3. For those who are waiting for the device from these two biggest networks in the country can now select which provider they prefer. Read on for more info.

Just like what Smart has on their page, Globe also does not post any additional details about the Galaxy Note 3 plans and pricing but for sure will inform the public as soon as the device is available and price grid is official. You may head to this Globe Galaxy Note 3 page to sign up and express your interest in their Galaxy Note 3 plus Galaxy gear package. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was officially announced by the Korean company in Berlin Germany earlier this month at the IFA 2013 tech event. Read more about the device here. So are you now decided which company you will go with for your Galaxy Note 3? You may also go for a prepaid or unlocked Note 3 for a retail price of Php36,990.

If I were to get one, I would wait for the official postpaid plans of these two great companies and see which one suits better for my needs. No need to hurry actually. : )

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