Samsung Announces Galaxy S4 in Gold

On September 10th, Apple announced the much anticipated and much rumored iPhone 5S in champagne gold color and went on sale few days ago. Today, its rival in the smartphone race, Samsung announced via Twitter the Galaxy S4 Gold Edition. 

Everything remains the same in this version of Galaxy S4 except that new color selections will be added to the roster which are Gold Brown and Gold Pink. However, there is two most important information missing in the tweeted photo of the golden-colored S4, the pricing and availability. It was tweeted using the Middle East Twitter account of Samsung (see the screenshot below), and according to other tech blogs and websites that reported the news it is very less likely to hit international market (at least at this very moment).

Other leaked information also suggest that not only Samsung is following the trend Apple started as HTC is reportedly planning to unveil a gold edition of its One smartphone. If that is the case, then it is going to be a battle of the golden-colored smartphones. I am also now thinking that tablets will definitely get this treatment in the near future, what do you think? Are you in for the gold painted smartphones?

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