You Want iPhone 5S in Gold? Ready Your Php76,600

We have yet to be informed of the posptpaid plan prices for the iPhone 5S, Apple's new flagship smartphone that was just announced a few days ago, but the Philippine retail price for this device has been around the internet. KimStore, on their Facebook page has posted the their pricing for the fingerprint scanner-equipped iPhone 5S. Read on for more details.

Of the iPhone 5s unit, one of the most ordered color is the on in Champagne Gold which according to international tech blogs, Apple has ordered "more Gold iPhones" from its supplier. If ever you wonder how much this "golden iPhone" is going to cost Pinoy Apple fans, KimStore says they can get it for a staggering price tag of Php76,600, well that is the biggest iPhone 5s Gold or the one with 64GB storage. This new iPhone device comes in size different price selections depending on color and storage size. In addition to the Gold one, there is also the Silver and the newly introduced Space Gray. See the price list below.

iPhone 5S Champagne Gold

Space Gray = Php37,900
Silver = Php43,500
Gold = Php53,800

Space Gray = Php40,400
Silver = Php46,300
Gold = Php60,700

Space Gray = Php43,800
Silver = Php49,200
Gold = Php76,600

Perhaps one of the reasons why the gold one stands out and is currently being the most in-demand variant of iPhone 5s is because since Apple only makes minimal design changes on their devices' physical look, people would easily identify that someone is using the newest iPhone because of its gold color. Or maybe there is more to that, but as far as I know, that gold is just a color or paint and not a real gold. 

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